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I'm a comic artist who likes to draw comics for women. You can read my current webcomic Fine Sometimes Rain online for free. You can also see more of my illustration and comics at my website:
+ www.genkigirl.com +
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New wig arrived for Mio. Right now it’s a like, but not love situation. Needs heat styled then we’ll see. #bjd




These are all of the comics that we have on Filthy Figments. 74 stories! More being added all the time. Have a weekend inside. ;)

8 of these stories are mine. Can ya find ‘em?

4500+ pages of dirty comics is a lot of dirty comics.

I have 9 stories on here!
If you like smut, check ‘em out!

Note: TOTALLY NSFW. But if you like what you see in the previews, give a subscription a shot! It’s not expensive, and it supports us all! We’ve got 100 new pages of content each month from a bunch of talented ladies and we cover pretty much everything, so there’s something for everyone.

I have 5 stories on here! My Neighbor the Magus is my currently ongoing series, and I love drawing it so I hope you will enjoy it. :D



Solstice by Lynn Wang and Ed Skudder.

I wasn’t next to a computer all day yesterday, but Happy Belated Solstice! Here, have some self-plug. 

Nympheas dolls celebrates 2 years, thanks to you! thank you for your support!
I decided to save one of my creations.
The winner of this year will have the right to choose his favorite nymph among the following categories:
Childs, Friends & Chibis
the shipping costs will be in my care and make-up can be added for free.
To play it is very simple, just share one or more images taken for the contest and indicate the url for sharing on this form: http://www.nympheasdolls.com/anniversary2014/


-If you share other images than those created for this purpose, your participation will not be taken into account.
- You can share or pictures on facebook, flickr, instagram, tumblr, ipernity or on your blog.
- It is not necessary to send me an email or private message, the form takes care of everything and you will receive a confirmation soon it will be validated if this is not the case you can email me at this address: k6@nympheasdolls.com
- 1 url = 1 chance to win. To determine the winner I would draw lots 5 participations, participation will have the most shared / images will be the winner, if there’s participants EXECO a draw will be conducted again between them. (with dedicated software)

The contest is open until 16th August 2014 your keyboard: D!   

Trying out a different wig on Mio. #bjd



Now taking preorders for Red String volume 8 (Theatrical Release version). This version is for readers who wish to have the series in print as it ran on the website. The directors cut versions will be available via a kickstarter at the end of the year.

(via ginabiggs)


Pencil on paper, 2013 - Jun Cen

Original artwork for the animated short film Mutual Tunnels